Month: May 2014

Namesnot Mary, it’s actually…


…Leanne. At least that’s according to Namesnot Mary herself, who revealed this little tidbit of information in a September 11, 2013 post on her You Tube channel, entitled “Hey You Tube.”

“I do not hide my full name from other researchers,” she wrote. “I live in a small town and know a diverse group of people (most of who are unaware) and, I do not want the people here to know what I am doing on You tube.”

Of course not. As we all know, most stalkers are hypocritical cowards who prefer to prey on their victims behind a veil of anonymity.

Unfortunately for Leanne, she’s a little sloppy when it comes to keeping her true identity a secret. In the same post she provides her email address:, which actually reveals a lot more about this slanderous wench.

“Reality’s Dog” is a music group with several of its songs featured on You Tube that just so happen to have been uploaded by one Leanne Kozak.

Could they be one in the same? It appears so.

A confidential informant recently wrote me and said they’d been in contact with Namesnot Mary, who provided her phone number as 604-796-3977. A simple Google search of that number reveals that it’s listed to an L. Kozak. 604 is a British Columbia area code and the prefix 796 services the small town of Agassiz, population roughly 6000. The same Google search of that number reveals it may be a landline for 58605 Lougheed Hwy Agassiz, BC V0M 1A2, though it’s unclear how recent that information is.

Leanne boasts of having an “educational background” in “childhood education” and an “expertise” in “working with autistic children with challenging behaviors.”

God forbid this vile woman is still working with kids. If so, the parents of those children and her employer must be notified that they have a predator on the payroll.

For those unfamiliar, Leanne doesn’t believe any children died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 and stalks the surviving family members, first responders and any other individuals her paranoid mind suspects of being part of an elaborate hoax.

Among her favorite targets are those close to slain Sandy Hook children Madeleine Hsu and Dylan Hockley. She’s also not fond of the emergency personnel who responded that day, including Newtown police officer Thomas Bean, who she refers to as a “Dirty Lying Cop Actor.” Actually, one would be hard-pressed to find a witness, survivor or anyone else close to the Sandy Hook tragedy that Leanne doesn’t despise.

Contrary to how she’d like to be perceived, Leanne is not a “researcher” nor is she an “investigator.” Leanne Kozak is a predator and stalker no different than any criminal that seeks out and exploits their victims. She digs up whatever personal information she can find on her targets and then makes a feeble attempt to connect imaginary dots that can be used to defame their reputation. She then narrates her false conclusions in You Tube videos with a voice that can be best described as a barbiturate-induced slur. It’s repulsive and highly offensive, particularly to anyone on the receiving end of her ruthless attacks.

To their credit, You Tube has taken down some of Leanne’s videos. In one post, she explains why she thinks they did while proudly admitting to being a predator. “I think they are looking at it as on line stalking,” she wrote. “Kinda feels that way at times, When my boyfriend comes home he asks me if I stalked people all day.”

Slanderous and libelous accusations made by Leanne and others only help to inspire the kind of criminal activity we have seen in places like Mystic, Conn., where a hoaxer recently stole a playground sign honoring Sandy Hook victim Grace McDonnell and then called her mother to say that her daughter never existed.

Rest assured, each and every one of those who have been made victims of Namesnot Mary’s predatory acts will be notified of her true identity so they can protect themselves and take whatever legal action is appropriate.

Hoaxers Put Sandy Hook Parents in Their Crosshairs


Originally Titled: Sandy Hook Parents Could Be in Danger

From American Free Press
Volume XIV Number 22
June 2, 2014

Keith Johnson

There’s seemingly no limit to how far some will go to enforce on others their warped interpretation of what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

Less than a week before Mother’s Day, on May 5, a sign honoring 7-year-old Sandy Hook victim Grace McDonnell was stolen from a playground in Mystic, Connecticut. According to the local NBC affiliate, a man claiming to be the thief called the deceased child’s mother to say that her daughter “never existed” and then informed her that he stole the sign because he believed the “shooting was a hoax.”

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the ongoing witch-hunt against the surviving Sandy Hook family members. In recent days, these already traumatized victims have increasingly become the targets of harassment and defamation by those who accuse them of being paid actors in a staged event orchestrated by the government as a pre-text to gun confiscation.

Robbie Parker, whose daughter Emilie was one of the 20 first-graders killed by lone gunman Adam Lanza, is no stranger to this kind of abuse. A day after the tragedy, Parker was labeled a “crisis actor” and accused of “getting into character” as he nervously stepped before CNN cameras and proceeded to express grief over the loss of his child.

Parker has now become the focus of a fresh new series of attacks, this time coming from University of Minnesota Duluth Professor James Fetzer. In a May 14 article for Veteran’s Today, Fetzer declared: “We got him! Robbie Parker, crisis actor, at long last exposed!”

According to Fetzer’s article, Parker’s real name is Samuel Travis Delaney, an actor and musician from Texas who “uses multiple aliases” and was paid by the government to “manipulate gullible Americans.”

As proof that Delaney and Parker were one in the same, Fetzer provides a few photographs of the two men for a side-by-side comparison (the same tactic used to convince people that dead children sang at the Super Bowl) along with an unsubstantiated claim that they’d “uncovered” Parker’s “audition tape for Sandy Hook.”

It didn’t take long for this story to completely unravel. Though Fetzer was absolutely convinced that he’d unmasked “the real Robbie Parker,” he was forced to make a full retraction two days later after the man—whose real name is John Matthew Walker—came forward and set the record straight.

“I am a penniless actor and musician from Austin, TX,” Walker wrote to Fetzer. “Last year, some internet wackos decided, through a convoluted process of ‘Facebook Connect-the-dots’, that I am in actuality Robbie Parker, parent of one of the Sandy Hook victims. Not only do I look little like him, at BEST I could pass for a relative, I am nearly a foot taller [figuratively, not literally] and COVERED in tattoos.”

In a follow up article, Fetzer—apparently fearing “the potential damages” of a lawsuit—admitted he was dead wrong. “John Matthew Walker did not play the role of ‘Robbie Parker’ at Sandy Hook,” he wrote. “We have revised our conclusion on the basis of the scientific requirement of total evidence, where another alternative is better supported given the totality of the available evidence.”

Though a mistake of this magnitude might compel some to think twice before making another outlandish claim, Fetzer wasted no time coming up with an alternative theory courtesy of fellow Sandy Hook skeptic Dr. Eowyn.

In a supplemental article, Dr. Eowyn scrutinizes the photo of a brand new “look-a-like” suspect and opines: “Unless Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook has an identical twin (which no media account ever claimed and who, strangely, did not attend the memorial service for his niece), he is the same Robby Parker who’s a ‘quality assurance engineer’ at SpotterRF, a defense contractor that’s linked to Homeland Security and the CIA.”

For what it’s worth, this AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter contacted Robby Parker at SpotterRF on May 19. When asked if he was aware of the allegation in Veteran’s Today, Parker laughed and said: “I saw that. That’s a different Robby Parker.” He declined to answer any further questions.

It cannot be denied that the lives of the surviving Sandy Hook family members have been put in jeopardy as a result of the libelous accusations and speculative claims made against them. Today, it’s a stolen sign and a malicious phone call. What about tomorrow?

Even Professor James F. Tracy—a devoted Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist—recently expressed his concern about potential violence after being approached by parties who “suggested that vigilante justice be visited upon the alleged Sandy Hook perpetrators.”

Is it just a matter of time before a parent, child or first responder connected to the Sandy Hook tragedy is physically assaulted by a unhinged Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist whose violent act was entirely motivated by hearsay?

Maybe there are some who are deliberately moving gullible people in that direction. Perhaps that’s the hoax we should really be worried about.

To Stop a Sandy Hook Stalker


Keith Johnson

There may be one surefire way to stop the Sandy Hook vultures and predators from stalking their prey: “Sue the living HELL out of them!” At least that’s what one of the nation’s leading authorities on Internet stalking recently suggested.

Meet Russell Stookey, a lawyer in Blairsville, Georgia who has zero tolerance for the frauds and liars that populate the World Wide Web.

In 2011, Mr. Stookey won a $404,000civil lawsuit on behalf of Gene Cooley, a man whose life was nearly destroyed after a woman, Sybil Denise Ballew, spread false rumors about him over the Internet. 

 “The anonymous poster went on a community website for Blairsville, where Cooley lived at the time, and accused him of being a pedophile with a criminal record and a drug addict,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.  “None of it was true.”     Ballew wasn’t the only one taking part in the defamation, as Mr. Stookey explained to this writer during a recent interview: “We did the very first case in the United States where we penetrated that veil of anonymity, found out who these people were by their user names and IP addresses, and we took them to task individually in civil court and won.”

Like the surviving Sandy Hook family members, Cooley lost a loved at the hands of a deranged killer who then took his own life at the scene of the crime. 

“She was a wonderful girl,” Cooley said of his murdered fiancée, Paulette Harper, during a 2012 segment of ABC’s 20/20. “She had a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul.”

Though Cooley and Harper were getting ready to start a new life together, those plans came to an abrupt end after the woman’s ex-husband paid her an unannounced visit.

“Apparently she was taking a nap,” Cooley said. “Somehow he got in, startled her, and must have pushed her down and then shot her. He waited around for a little while, and then finally committed suicide.”

Cooley’s anguish didn’t stop there. Though police never pegged him as a suspect in the crime, the local community had their doubts after rumors started circulating on an Internet forum called Topix.

According to an ABC News report, “The thread included several users with mysterious names like ‘Bugs,’ ‘Yuck’ and ‘Mouth’ that called Cooley a drug addict, a pervert who should be kept away from children and even a possible accomplice in his fiancée’s murder.”

Contrary to the gossip, Cooley was clean as a whistle with no criminal record and no history of drug addiction or sexual deviance. Still, Cooley was convicted in the court of public opinion. He was ostracized by his future in-laws, lost his job and was essentially run out of town. That’s when he decided to make the call to Russell Stookey.

“He laid this tragic tale out,” Stookey told 20/20’s Chris Cuomo. “I couldn’t believe the story—it was incredible. And I said, I’ll try to do this case.”

Using subpoenas, Stookey was able to unmask the culprits hiding behind their online identities. After obtaining the information, Stookey—in at least some cases—went to the very forum where the comments about Cooley were made and outed the individuals publicly by posting their names, addresses and telephone numbers. 

Unfortunately, a statute of limitations prevented Stookey from bringing suit against some of the online stalkers so he concentrated his efforts on Ballew.

During the proceedings, the court asked Ballew why she posted such inflammatory things about Cooley. Interestingly enough, Ballew pulled out the old “gut-feeling” card that so many Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists draw to “prove” that grieving parents are actually “crisis actors.”

“I watched him and I can tell a pervert,” she said. “Every time a pretty girl walked by, he would look at them. I get a feeling.”     Needless to say, the jury didn’t buy it.

In recent days, Mr. Stookey has been following the relentless cyber stalking of Sandy Hook parents and is sickened by what he’s seen: “These families—after having lost their children—have been harassed and browbeaten and accused of heinous crimes, called liars and hoaxers and actors and so forth…”

Much of the online activity against the parents generally falls under either one of two common-law definitions of defamation, as Mr. Stuckey explains: “Slander is oral and usually confined to very specific things, such as to impugn non-chastity to a woman or to attribute someone to a crime of moral turpitude—very specific things. Libel is broader. It’s written or permanently affixed defamation that’s passed on to a third party [someone other than whom the charge is made] or published for the whole world to see. One of the ways to be found guilty of the tort of libel defamation is to impugn the integrity of a person or lower their reputation in the esteem of the public.”

Mr. Stookey went on to say that he is currently working a defamation case that in many ways parallels the hysteria found within the Sandy Hook hoax community. In this particular instance, an anonymous poster used a social media website to accuse a local businessman of paying off victims, judges and the District Attorney as a way of keeping his son from doing time for a fatal traffic accident involving children.

“None of this was true, but the community was literally fired up and wanted to hang somebody,” Mr. Stookey said. “This is a perfect example of the kind of defamation we’re seeing, where a person’s reputation is being lowered in the eyes of the public.”

When asked, in his professional opinion, what options these parents had to defend themselves against this kind of abuse, Mr. Stookey replied: “Get a ball-busting attorney and sue the living Hell out of them! All of these parents need to join in a common cause lawsuit…If these people want that done, they can hire me or—better yet—they can hire a good attorney in their area and I will teach [them] how to do that…I have given away a million dollars worth of legal research in teaching lawyers how to prosecute one of these cases. All they gotta do is spend about an hour on the telephone with me and let me explain the technology and what they need for proof.”

For those who might doubt Stookey’s passion about hunting these psychos down, check out these quotes from various articles:

“We’re not trying to cut down on anybody’s ability to speak freely. The type of speech we are trying to curb is you cannot get out there and lie about someone and do character assassination… We’ll find them, we’ll get them. Mean and dumb is a bad combination. I will catch them and I will put them into bankruptcy.” ~ Atlanta Journal-Constitution     

“They have no character. That means they have no guts. They have no guts, no character. They lack courage, no balls at all. (WHISPERED) Should I say balls? Anyway, I’m old school. If I’ve got something to say, I’ll say it to your damn face. [GUFFAWS] That’s just the way it is. You see these scars on my face? A lot of times, people don’t like that. And they’ll punch you. But that’s their opportunity. And that’s the way you do business in this life. You say it to their face… Normally, you’re talking about bored housewives who are just gossip-mongers, basically. But it is an epidemic. I have caught lawyers. I caught a judge. I’ve caught doctors, a dentist, a state representative. I found out in a heartbeat who these people were. I sued them. And you ought to hear them scream and cry. Let me go. Let me out of this. You did it.” ~ This American Life