Namesnot Mary, it’s actually…


…Leanne. At least that’s according to Namesnot Mary herself, who revealed this little tidbit of information in a September 11, 2013 post on her You Tube channel, entitled “Hey You Tube.”

“I do not hide my full name from other researchers,” she wrote. “I live in a small town and know a diverse group of people (most of who are unaware) and, I do not want the people here to know what I am doing on You tube.”

Of course not. As we all know, most stalkers are hypocritical cowards who prefer to prey on their victims behind a veil of anonymity.

Unfortunately for Leanne, she’s a little sloppy when it comes to keeping her true identity a secret. In the same post she provides her email address:, which actually reveals a lot more about this slanderous wench.

“Reality’s Dog” is a music group with several of its songs featured on You Tube that just so happen to have been uploaded by one Leanne Kozak.

Could they be one in the same? It appears so.

A confidential informant recently wrote me and said they’d been in contact with Namesnot Mary, who provided her phone number as 604-796-3977. A simple Google search of that number reveals that it’s listed to an L. Kozak. 604 is a British Columbia area code and the prefix 796 services the small town of Agassiz, population roughly 6000. The same Google search of that number reveals it may be a landline for 58605 Lougheed Hwy Agassiz, BC V0M 1A2, though it’s unclear how recent that information is.

Leanne boasts of having an “educational background” in “childhood education” and an “expertise” in “working with autistic children with challenging behaviors.”

God forbid this vile woman is still working with kids. If so, the parents of those children and her employer must be notified that they have a predator on the payroll.

For those unfamiliar, Leanne doesn’t believe any children died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 and stalks the surviving family members, first responders and any other individuals her paranoid mind suspects of being part of an elaborate hoax.

Among her favorite targets are those close to slain Sandy Hook children Madeleine Hsu and Dylan Hockley. She’s also not fond of the emergency personnel who responded that day, including Newtown police officer Thomas Bean, who she refers to as a “Dirty Lying Cop Actor.” Actually, one would be hard-pressed to find a witness, survivor or anyone else close to the Sandy Hook tragedy that Leanne doesn’t despise.

Contrary to how she’d like to be perceived, Leanne is not a “researcher” nor is she an “investigator.” Leanne Kozak is a predator and stalker no different than any criminal that seeks out and exploits their victims. She digs up whatever personal information she can find on her targets and then makes a feeble attempt to connect imaginary dots that can be used to defame their reputation. She then narrates her false conclusions in You Tube videos with a voice that can be best described as a barbiturate-induced slur. It’s repulsive and highly offensive, particularly to anyone on the receiving end of her ruthless attacks.

To their credit, You Tube has taken down some of Leanne’s videos. In one post, she explains why she thinks they did while proudly admitting to being a predator. “I think they are looking at it as on line stalking,” she wrote. “Kinda feels that way at times, When my boyfriend comes home he asks me if I stalked people all day.”

Slanderous and libelous accusations made by Leanne and others only help to inspire the kind of criminal activity we have seen in places like Mystic, Conn., where a hoaxer recently stole a playground sign honoring Sandy Hook victim Grace McDonnell and then called her mother to say that her daughter never existed.

Rest assured, each and every one of those who have been made victims of Namesnot Mary’s predatory acts will be notified of her true identity so they can protect themselves and take whatever legal action is appropriate.

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