INSANEMEDIA: Meet the Old Boss


by Keith Johnson

Is an American military officer with ties to the U.S. Army Cyber Command linked to a website that promotes anti-American Sandy Hook conspiracy theories?

An investigation by this writer has identified Katja Bush—foreign born wife of U.S. Army Captain Lashon Bush—as the founder, original owner and driving force behind Insanemedia, a website whose contributors accuse American citizens of conspiring with the federal government to stage the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) massacre as a pretext to a nationwide gun grab.

Writing under the pen name Kennedy Ray, Katja Bush has repeatedly referred to the SHES tragedy as a “conspiracy” and “scandal” and publishes content that describes victims and other civilians as a “cast of characters” who willing participated in an elaborate hoax, perpetrated by the U.S. government, as a means to justify a curtailment of Constitutional freedoms.

So what’s an Army wife doing bad-mouthing the same taxpayers and government that cut her husband paychecks each month? Perhaps the bigger question is what role Captain Bush plays in all this. Are his wife’s activities unbeknownst to him? Is he turning a blind eye? Or is this military officer actively participating in his spouse’s ruthless disinformation campaign?

While our investigation has uncovered some clues as to the scope of Captain Bush’s complicity, there are still many unanswered questions.

Back Story:

Although Mrs. Bush now appears to have played a more substantial role with Insanemedia, our investigation originally focused on her husband after it was reported that his email address had been found attached to the PayPal account that the website used for collecting its donations.

Captain Bush aroused suspicion in late July when the Sandy Hook Truth Exposed (SHTE) blog released a report, entitled Follow the Money. According to SHTE’s investigation, Insanemedia’s donation link redirected to a PayPal payment page that lists as the email address associated with the account. After running that email address through a web search, SHTE found that it was also linked to the Christian themed website, a domain registered in the name of Lashon Bush, U.S. Army Base, Hohenfels, Germany.

Based on SHTE’s cursory investigation into his background, Lashon Bush appeared to be an unlikely candidate for a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist, more commonly referred to as a Hoaxer.

“His Facebook information suggests an individual rather higher-functioning than a Hoaxer: IT professional and Army soldier,” SHTE said of Bush in their report. “He also identifies himself as pro-Israel and pro-Barack Obama, which are decidedly un-Hoaxer-like.”

Shortly after SHTE went public with this information, Insanemedia went off-line. Those who tried to access the website were told that it was down for maintenance and would return soon. At the time, it was speculated that Bush might have been in the process of scrubbing information that would connect him with the website in an effort to avoid any further publicity.

Who is Lashon Bush?:

A more extensive look into Captain Bush’s background reveals a military career that could serve as the basis for a conspiracy theory in and of itself.

Born in New York, Captain Bush identifies on his LinkedIn profile page as an officer with the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM), which currently serves under the United States Army Cyber Command and 2nd Army and whose mission is to operate and defend the computer networks of the United States Army.

According to their mission statement: “The U.S. Army Cyber Command’s breadth of responsibility spans the entire Army and the entire world – from the tactical edge to the strategic enterprise-level or national levels. Traditional boundaries no longer exist and anonymous attacks can occur literally at near light speed over fiber optic networks. Our enemies will deny the freedom of movement on our networks and use whatever they can from wherever in the world they are to gain advantage.” 

Captain Bush was featured in this online Army article from 2011:


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany (February 23, 2011) – Master Sgt. Charlie Sanders (left) provides an update on a Mission Event Synchronization List to Capt. Lashon Bush in the Joint Cyber Control Center during Operation Deuce Lightning. Sanders and Bush are among more than 60 U.S., German Soldiers and Airmen who are participating in the exercise Feb. 1 to Mar. 4 in order to assess the Brigade’s ability to provide a robust, flexible and reliable network, with the brigade headquarters acting as the core of the JCCC. Sanders is the Network Operations non-commissioned officer in charge and Bush is the NETOPS officer in charge. (Official U.S. Army Photo by Lawrence Torres III)

It is believed that Captain Bush is currently attached to the U.S. Army 335th Signal Command Theatre in East Point, Georgia.  

Considering Captain Bush’s affiliation with the nation’s cyber security network, it’s likely some will speculate that his involvement with Insanemedia could be on behalf of the U.S. government, either to gauge interest in conspiracy theories like Sandy Hook or to identify and track the activities of potential so-called “domestic terrorists” by collecting the IP addresses of those who visit the website.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss:

On September 29, Insanemedia resurfaced with the same content minus the donation link or PayPal account linked to Captain Bush. A post, entitled Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss, announced that the website was now up and running under new ownership.

“Not wanting to let the fine work we’ve done here on Insanemedia disappear into the ether and realizing the importance of an independent media, Kennedy has graciously transferred this website into my name,” wrote new owner and longtime Insanemedia contributor Swansong. “We hope she will find the time to join us occasionally to provide her insights and research into the topics of the day. None of this would have been possible without her efforts…This site may now be mine but the vision that Kennedy had and the integrity with which she ran this site lives on.”

And what is “the vision that Kennedy had” when she was at the helm on Insanemedia? According to Swansong, he and his colleague have been “in the midst of a revolution” to counter a mainstream media and political environment that “were long ago bought and paid for by powerful corporate interests.”

He goes on to write: “We live in a time of false flags, phony wars, rampant police brutality, terrorism supported, funded and carried out by our own governments, mass surveillance and spying, the militarization of our police forces and the consistent and persistent dumbing down of our friends and families by the very media charged with providing us with the insight and facts we require to make informed decisions.”

Although these are certainly legitimate concerns, Swansong’s words amount to little more than lip service. In reality, Insanemedia rarely addresses corrupt governments or corporations. Their content is almost exclusively devoted to Sandy Hook and the focus of their baseless theories and libelous accusations are centered on ordinary American citizens, including nurses, teachers, small-town reporters, civilian law enforcement, volunteers of charitable organizations, grieving families and—even more egregiously—young children.

That’s not anti-establishment…that’s anti-American.

The Un-American Revolutionary:


For those unaware, Swansong is a household name among Hoaxers both as a writer for Insanemedia and as one of three administrators for the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook group, whose members are heavily involved in the cyber stalking and harassment of the surviving family members of the SHES tragedy.

Although Swansong is pre-occupied with American politics and heavily involved in the defamation and stalking of American citizens, he is distinctly not American. Swansong also posts under the sexually suggestive name Craven S Moorehead and admits that both aliases are used to conceal his activities from friends, relatives and neighbors in his native home of Manitoba, Canada.

From his soapbox located somewhere north of the U.S. border with Canada, Craven chastises Americans for not standing up to their government and has even encouraged a vigilante response to what he refers to as the Sandy Hook “cock up.” 

“I’m getting to a point where I am feeling the need for an end game…a plan of action,” he wrote in January. “Its all well and good to research this stuff and write about it but at some point something more proactive needs to be done. Shit…if they wanna come up here and hassle me they are welcome to it. But they better bundle up and have an end game of their own.”

In late May, 28-year-old Andrew Truelove was arrested for stealing two memorial signs dedicated to Sandy Hook victims Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski. After stealing McDonnell’s sign, it is alleged that Truelove called the slain girl’s mother to taunt her, claiming that the shooting was a hoax and that her daughter never existed.

Truelove’s crimes were undoubtedly inspired by the kinds of “proactive” sermons found on websites like Insanemedia. Although his “plan of action” consisted of a theft and malicious phone call, it is feared that future criminals may resort to more violent means in pursuit of their own personal “end game.”

The Elusive Katja Bush:

Swansong’s announcement of Kennedy Ray’s departure only fueled already heightened suspicions that Captain Bush might have been posing as this fictitious character all along.

Now that the website was back online, this writer visited Kennedy Ray’s bio page, copied the adjacent photograph and ran it through an advanced image search, which ultimately located the image among a collection of photographs originally taken in 2009 by a group called Duck Duck Collective:


In an email, this writer reached out to Duck Duck Collective owner John Carl, provided him with a link to Kennedy Ray’s bio page on Insanemedia and asked if he could verify if his model was Kennedy Ray and if Insanemedia had the right to use his image.

On October 1, Mr. Carl replied: “Yeah I can confirm that’s definitely not her and they definitely don’t have permission to use that photo.”

These findings were later posted in a Newtown Post-Examiner report, entitled Insanemedia Caught Stealing Woman’s Identity To Promote Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory. Within 24 hours of publication, Insanemedia removed the stolen photograph from Kennedy Ray’s bio and Facebook page.

Although this effort helped confirm Kennedy Ray to be a work of fiction, it did little to establish its connection to Captain Bush.

Two days later, however, a confidential informant who read the article contacted this writer on Facebook and simply stated: “I’m pretty sure that Kennedy Ray is Katja Bush (wife of Lashon Bush).” Along with that statement was a link to Katja Bush’s Facebook page.

There we find several pictures of Katja Bush, including one where she is posing with her husband, Lashon Bush, dated September 4, 2014:


Her cover photo indicates her birth year as 1974 with the caption: “Born and raised in Friedberg…” It is assumed she is referring to Friedberg, Bavaria, Germany:


Katja’s relationship to Craven S Moorehead is also confirmed on that page. Under a profile picture of Katja dated September 26, 2014, Craven comments: “Hubba hubba 🙂 (translate THAT bing)”

Further investigation reveals that Katja Bush originally registered as an Internet domain on March 5, 2012 and listed her address as CMR [Community Mail Room] 437 7Th Signal BG [Brigade] BOX 1046 APO, Armed Forces Other Areas 09267 United States.

The U.S. Army 7th Signal Brigade is located in Schweinfurt, Germany and is described as “a forward based strategic and deployable tactical extension of the Global Information Grid,” according to their official U.S. Army homepage.

In addition to Katja’s contributions to Insanemedia, she has also been extremely active on conspiracy forums such as Godlike Productions and Above Top Secret, where she posts under the pseudonym of LadyK and LadyK74. Although Sandy Hook ranks highest on her list of discussed topics, Katja also has a keen interest in other alleged false flag operations and the New World Order.

Katja is also a confirmed member of the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook group, which—as stated earlier—is not only actively engaged in the cyber stalking and defamation of those personally affected by the SHES tragedy but has also been caught deliberately manipulating evidence to support their delusional theories.

For instance, on September 3, an investigation by this writer revealed that Sandy Hook Hoax member “Bridget Norris” [AKA Bridgette C. Ostler] deliberately altered an email she received from the Flexfit headwear company in an attempt to create the false illusion that the hat worn by mass murderer Adam Lanza was not produced until the year after the massacre took place.

“What Bridget Norris put on the website is not in accordance with the actual email that was sent out,” said Flexfit Vice President Brian Yang in an exclusive interview with this writer. “She manipulated and changed the whole thing.”


By no means should this report be construed as an indictment of conspiracy theorists or truth seekers. Quite the contrary; this writer is determined to restore common sense, sound research and responsible journalism to a movement that has been overrun by rumor, speculation and outright fraud.

Calling out corrupt politicians is one thing; hurling baseless accusations at parents who just lost their children to the nation’s most horrific school shooting is quite another. Aside from a fringe minority of delusional conspiracy theorists, the vast majority of the U.S. population rightly considers this to be nothing more than a cruel, offensive and unjustifiable defamation of their fellow Americans.

Regardless of Insanemedia’s true motivations, they are nevertheless playing right into the hands of those they claim to be fighting against.

For those seeking to derail constructive political activism, the Sandy Hook conspiracy movement has been a godsend. Not only has it distracted well-meaning patriots from more noble endeavors, but it has also degraded the integrity of the legitimate truth movement in the eyes of the American people.


  1. This is an awesome piece! wow. It occurs to me that it is basically a matter of national security to get this information to his CO, the Secretary of Def, and the Secretary of the Army. Bush is like the fort hood shooter Nidal Hisan or the spy Bradley Manning.. a loose cannon. Navy Ship yard.. oklahoma beheading.. the warning signs are all here… they have advertised their loyalty and position and it is a position of extremism and terrorism. If he has any security clearance at all, he is beyond compromised and his morality questionable. They are a part of anti-American groups involved in lies about 9-11, Sandy Hook, and Boston Bombing. All of Mead’s Hoaxers are the evil stalker predators, none are researchers… any researcher abandoned SHH long ago… and this is a serious situation… that includes the Bush family.

  2. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    Agent provocateurs running a Pine Bluff Variant or whackos abusing their military position? As someone with his own military sex pervert stalker (and two others) it would sort of good to know…

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